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Nutek NTM640SXL(S)-FW sonstige Industriemaschinen

Nutek NTM640SXL(S)-FW sonstige Industriemaschinen
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Marke:  Nutek
Modell:  NTM640SXL(S)-FW
Typ:  sonstige Industriemaschinen
Baujahr:  2007
Standort:  Deutschland Mannheim
Anzeigendatum:  08.04.2024
Machineryline ID:  ZB36957
Zustand:  gebraucht

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2007 Nutek NTM640SXL(S)-FW
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The Nutek NTM640SXL(S)-FW is a specific model of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) handling and transportation system manufactured by Nutek
a company that specializes in equipment and solutions for PCB handling and automation in the electronics manufacturing industry. The model name provides key information about the system
NTM640SXL: This part of the model name typically specifies the base model or series to which this PCB handling system belongs. In this case
it's the "NTM640SXL."
(S): The "(S)" in the model name often indicates a specific feature
or variation of the base model. The exact meaning may vary depending on the manufacturer's terminology
FW: The "FW" is likely an abbreviation indicating the conveyor's frame width or design
which can represent a specific feature or option related to the frame structure
Key features and capabilities of the Nutek NTM640SXL(S)-FW and similar systems
PCB Handling: The system is designed for the handling and transportation of printed circuit boards during the electronics manufacturing process
Adjustable Width: It often allows you to adjust the conveyor's width to accommodate PCBs of various sizes
Frame Variation: The "(S)" suggests a specific feature or variation of the base model
which can offer additional functionality or options. The exact meaning would need to be clarified through the manufacturer's documentation
Modular Design: The system's modular design allows for customization to match the specific needs of your production line
Control Interface: It typically includes a user-friendly control interface for programming and monitoring the conveyor system
Integration: These systems are designed to seamlessly integrate into automated assembly lines
interfacing with other equipment such as pick-and-place machines
soldering ovens
and inspection systems
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